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Monday, July 4, 2011

History of Antipolo City

This was taken from Antipolo City's official website: Antipolo City is really very rich in culture and the arts.

Antipolo, the city on the mountain ridges east of Manila where the sun begins to shine. The City whose name was derived from the Tipolo trees growing indigenously on its land…trees with broad leaves that provide shade while gently fanning in the soothing breeze. Antipolo, the City of pilgrims and City Org. contemplatives, tourists and traders, artists and artisans.

Rich in cultural and historical heritage, Antipolo’s history dates way before the first Franciscan Missionary recorded its work in 1578. The land was home to indigenous tribes as the Dumagats, Tagals, Indians and Aetas. Its virgin forests of varied tropical trees were also nests to a diverse wildlife. Its rich water tables gushed forth as springs and waterfalls.

As the missionaries relentlessly pursued their ‘Christianization’ campaign, these natives desiring to keep their own way of life moved themselves into the hinterlands of neighboring mountains. Migrants supporting the missions came to settle and the semblance of a mission town firmly established itself and grew to the proportions it is today. The Jesuits came so did the Recollects.

A host of other religious congregationsboth male and female) followed suit and took residence in this forested mountain whose cool breeze and verdant sceneries primed them into contemplative unions with the Creator. Word spread. The laity from lower lands also wanted a share of this haven. More so when the famed image of the Blessed Virgin Mary sculpted from a dark hardwood of Mexico was permanently enshrined in Antipolo.

History of Antipolo City
Soon enough a shrine (evolving to Cathedral stature through the years) was built for this venerated image to allow all believers to ventilate their aspirations to her. As more pilgrims came, more were enamored to take residence in this pleasant town and established services related to pilgrims’ needs. The trek up continued…the population grew while services expanded to the level of being a city. By February 13,1998, Antipolo was promulgated into a city when, then President Fidel V. Ramos signed its bill into law.
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