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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Havila, where art and nature matters

Havila, where art and nature matters
Isn’t it everyone’s dream come true to have a house where peacefulness, nature and art meet? A home shouldn’t just be a place for the nitty-gritty like sleeping and eating, it must be a perfect retreat from your hectic city life - a nurturing, inspiring and relaxing abode.

Among the big players in real estate is Filinvest with its 40 decades-long experience of building the Filipino dream. With Havila, Filinvest has provided families having a serene environment -- an ideal place away from the congested city, towards the calming slopes of Rizal.

House for Sale in Antipolo, Taytay, Angono RizalHavila - straddling three towns of Angono, Taytay and Antipolo in Rizal is modern addition into the developments of Filinvest Land Inc. Aptly named after the mythical land through the river of Eden where everything grown turns to gold, Havila is really a 300-hectare community that is comprised of residential, commercial, and leisure developments. Surrounded by art and nature, it’s no wonder that residents enjoy an enriching lifestyle. With Rizal’s promising area - bright blue skies, free from your city pollution; lush green surroundings - a sight to see from the cluttered buildings; and a mere 12-kilometer accessibility to the urban world; Havila offers prime location to its dwellers.

It’s as if this charming town includes a secret recipe that inspires residents to bring out their creativity. Dubbed as the Cradle Philippine of Art, Angono, Rizal is the home of generations of artist families and a bevy of artists including Botong Francisco, Jose Pitok Blanco, Perdigon Vocalan and also the pride and glory of the country’s music industry - Lucio San Pedro. The Abuevas and Manansalas have also claimed Rizal as their adoptive home. Adding to the list, Rizal continues to be filled with up and coming modern-day imaginative spirits, proving that it is really the sanctuary and the ambiance that inspires residents to be reative. There is also another reason that keeps Rizal a tourist destination, its traditional Higantes fiesta. The artistic town joyfully celebrates the festival by making paper maches of various saints in bright colors and parades across the city - a must experience for everyone who visits the town.

alt=Apart from arts and culture, there are more interesting finds in Rizal. It’s a treasure trove of spectacular views like Mt. Banahaw, Laguna de Bay and also the Caldera Rim of Taal Lake. For weekend gimmicks and errands there’s SM Taytay as well as the Ortigas Business District and for the finer things, the Forest Hills Golf and Country Club and Valley Golf are just a drive away.

Antipolo, Angono and Taytay are cultural hotbeds which are connected not just by inroads but by a spirit of collective inspiration, where people share in one another’s passion for art and nature. Havila provides such energy, the perfect marriage of artistry and environment with only the best amenities that any development has to offer.
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