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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Part 2: Pag-IBIG Home Development Mutual Fund (RA9679)



Pag-IBIG Fund
Pag-IBIG Fund
6. Why are Overseas Filipino Workers included in the mandatory membership coverage?

All working Filipinos, in the Philippines or abroad, should have equal opportunity to benefit from all the programs of Pag-IBIG. Membership is made mandatory to give everyone the opportunity to save and reach their goal of owning their dream homes.

7. How can OFWs register under the mandatory coverage?

OFWs can register to the following:
  • Pag-IBIG desks located in the Embassy or Consulate of the Philippines abroad
  • Pag-IBIG Fund International Operations Group, 6th Floor, Justine Bldg., Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
  • Any branch or office of Pag-IBIG in Philippines
  • Pag-IBIG satellite office at the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)
  • Selected banks and money transfer agencies recognized by the Pag-IBIG like PNB, Metrobank and iRemit Global Remittances Inc.

Pag-IBIG Information Desk
8. What is the process of registration for previous members of Pag-IBIG under Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP)?

OFWs can visit the Pag-IBIG Information Desk located in the Philippine Embassy or Consulate to fill out the Member's Data Form (MDF-FPF0909) or Membership Registration Form (MRF-FPF095). If you are in the Philippines you could go to the nearest Pag-IBIG office in your area.

You also need to update your records, especially if there had been changes to your personal information.

The MDF and MRF can be downloaded on the website of Pag-IBIG.

9. If a previously registered member would register as an OFW, what happens to his/her contributions?

Pag-IBIG will combine all of his/her contributions as well as formerly contributed savings. Portable or the savings will remain on the record of a member even if he/she switches companies. Pag-IBIG assures everyone that every members savings will be safe and will not be lost.

10. What are the benefits of being a member of Pag-IBIG?

A. Savings Benefits
  • No tax imposed on member savings
  • Earn an annual dividend added to the savings of members
  • Savings will remain in the name a member even though he or she moved to another company, becoming unemployed, or become self-employed
  • Savings of members are guaranteed by the government to be paid and returned to respective Pag-IBIG members no matter what happens with Pag-IBIG.

Monthly Contribution Over-all savings after 20 years if the dividend rate of Pag-IBIG Fund is 5%
P 100 P 31,419.33
P 300 P 94,259.79
P 400 P 125,679.72
P 1,000 P 314,199.29
P 1,200 P 377,039.15

B. Short-Term Loans (Multi Purpose and Calamity Loans)

You can borrow for emergencies such as for tuition fees, minor home repairs, capital for business, etc.

The following is an example how much you can borrow under the Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) Program.

Monthly Contribution Number of Monthly Contribution Amount that can be loaned from  Multi-Purpose Loan*
P100 to P300 24 to 60 months 61 to 120 months P1,440 to P10,800 P4,270 to P25,200
P400 to P600 24 to 60 months 61 to 120  months P5,760 to P21,600 P17,080 to P50,400
P700 to P900 24 to 60 months 61 to 120 months P10,080 to P32,400 P29,890 to P75,600
P1,000 to P1,200 24 to 60 months 61 to 120 months P14,400 to P43,200 P42,700 to P100,800

* The computation is based on the employee and employer contributions only, and does not include the annual dividend earnings of your savings

C. Funds for Housing (Housing Loan)

Housing loan may be used for any of the following:
  • purchase of land;
  • buying a house;
  • building or finishing a house;
  • upgrade or renovation of the house;
  • refinancing of debt from a bank acceptable to Pag-IBIG Fund, and
  • combination of provisions above.

Loan Package Interest Rate Monthly Contribution*
P400,000 6% P2,398.20
P750,000 7% P4,989.77
P1 Million 8.50% P7,689.13
P1.25 Million 9.50% P10,510.68
P2 Million 10.50% P18,294.79
P3 Million 11.50% P29,708.74

*Principal and interest only

Monthy Contribution Employer Counterpart Highest Amount that can be loaned
P100 up to P300 P100 Up to P700,000
P400 up to P600 Higher than P800,000 up to P1.3 million
P700 up to P900 Higher than P1.4 million up to P1.9 million
P1,000 up to P1,200 Higher than P2.0 million up to P2.5 million
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