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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of development is Havila?
A: Havila is one of the premiere township project of Filinvest. It is a 300-hectare township which stretches from Taytay to Antipolo and Angono, continues to attract people to live amidst “nature’s beauty that inspires.” Located just 12 kilometers east of the Ortigas Business District, Havila is home to four thriving residential communities – Mission Hills, Highlands Pointe, Villa Montserrat and Forest Farms with an ever growing community which currently stands at 300 families.

Q: What products are offered?
A: The project shall offer lots only and house & lot packages. Depending on the project, there are several themes to choose from. In Villa Montserrat Taytay and Mission Hills Antipolo, we have Spanish Contemporary. For Highlands Pointe Taytay, we have modern european style house models. For Anila Park Antipolo, we have modern minimalist. For Forest Farms Angono, we do not have houses as it is sold as lots only. The buyer will design their own house in reference to the deed of restrictions.

Q: What is included in my purchase?
Not only will the lot/ homeowner enjoy exclusive amenities within every project, he/she will also have usage rights of the main community features and amenities as well. Residing in a township community gives you the privilege to enjoy more than an exclusive subdivision does.

Q: What are the typical lot sizes?
A: We offer all lot sizes for your budget. For Anila Park Antipolo, we offer 70-150sqm lots only. For Villa Montserrat Taytay, we have 120sqm - 200sqm. For Highlands Pointe Taytay, we have 150sqm - 900sqm. For Mission Hills Antipolo, we have 170sqm - 1000sqm. For Forest Farms Angono, we have 800sqm - 3000sqm.

Q: Can foreigners buy properties in the Philippines?
A: Yes, they can at a certain extent. Foreigners who want condominium units can own them 100% while foreigners who want to have a house and lot must have a Filipino Spouse and their ownership to the house is limited.

Q: When can I build my house if I purchased lot only?
A: Development of house construction can begin once 20% of the purchase has been settled and house plans have been approved by the Design Review Committee.

Q: What are the standard guidelines for house construction on lot purchased units?
Lot owners shall be given a Construction Guideline document for which they can follow and help in their planning and preparation of house plans.

Q: When will construction for our house begin? When can we move – in?
A: House construction will be undertaken once buyer has paid 20% of the TCP (downpayment). Information for moving – in of buyers shall be communicated by the subdivision administrator.

Q: What are the monthly dues that an owner has to pay?
Association dues shall be charged to the lot owner. This shall include shared costs for the project’s security, utilities (lights, STP) and other expenses concerning common areas. Owners should consult their subdivision administrator for exact figures.

Q: What are the financing schemes available?
Financing schemes available follow the standard offers of the company. These are:

  1. Spot Cash with Retention Fee of 10%
  2. Deferred Cash (2 years @ 0% interest)
  3. In – house Financing Scheme
    1. 5 yrs @ 15% interest
    2. 7 yrs @ 17% interest
    3. 10 yrs @ 19% interest

Q: Are there any special discounts and promos?
It is best to ask your agent about these since offers change from time to time.