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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Girin Oasis Cainta

In Chinese mythology, the Girin is considered the luckiest creature. With the head of a dragon, the tail of a lion, the body of a horse and the hooves of an ox, the Girin is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, success and longevity. It is also said that the Girin comes out only in areas ruled by a wise and kind leader, which is why the appearance of this rare creature is seen as a good omen.

Now Filinvest channels the spirit of the Girin in its latest project in Cainta. Girin Oasis, an expansive development is set to offer the promise of a prosperous lifestyle in a refreshing haven within the concrete jungle – truly a rare offering east of the metro.

Spanning 8 hectares, the grand, multi-amenity Girin Oasis has a site development map that takes the shape of the lucky Girin. The community’s commercial areas are located in the ‘head’, while its central amenity core are situated in the ‘belly’. Girin Oasis residents will enjoy the accessibility of the development’s location along Felix Avenue in Cainta, as it provides easy access to modern conveniences such as hypermarkets, malls, educational institutions and other establishments. A commercial area within Girin Oasis also affords residents and even neighboring areas a convenient go-to destination for daily needs.

Girin Oasis will feature three resort-themed enclaves with five buildings each, inspired by popular vacation destinations in Asia such as Sentosa, Hainan and Lovina in Bali. These ‘oases within an oasis’ will have architecture reflecting design elements unique to these destinations. With such distinct living experiences in every part of Girin Oasis, residents will feel that they are on vacation every day.

Each enclave will also have exclusive amenities for the use of its residents and their guests. Swimming pools, multi-purpose pavilions, al fresco areas, playlots, lawns and gardens all provide a wide array of options for rest, relaxation and entertainment. A central amenity area will also feature a clubhouse for indoor activities, pools and water features, play courts and kids’ zones. This main gathering place will serve as a venue where residents from the various enclaves can mix and mingle.

Tying the entire development together is a framework of parks and courtyards, offering residents their own private haven of green. At Girin Oasis, it is easy to feel refreshed in the lush gardens and open spaces amidst the concrete jungle. Girin Oasis was designed to be pedestrian-friendly, with promenades and interconnected landscaped plazas weaving its way around the community. Bike lanes also provide the more active residents to move around in their ten-speeds with ease.

Vehicular access is limited to the residential enclaves to make the environment car-free. A unique feature of the buildings is that its basement parking is interconnected, with specific drop-off, entrance and exit points around the property. This limits the appearance of vehicles and noise pollution in the streets, thus creates a more child-friendly environment.

Sentosa Enclave at Girin Oasis will be the first of the three Enclaves that will be opened. Sentosa Enclave will have a modern Zen appeal of the Singaporean destination. The 6-building neighborhood has its own clubhouse, swimming pool and a separate kiddie pool, picnic park, outdoor events lawn, basketball court, and children’s play area, amid an environment of landscaped greens. Fitness and entertainment rooms are also for the residents’ exclusive use.

Sentosa Enclave’s unit options are certainly an ideal alternative to renting cramped apartments just to get a feel of having one’s own abode. With choices ranging from a 42 square meter 2-bedroom unit, to an 86 square meter 3-bedroom unit, residents such as retirees or empty nesters, young professionals, newlyweds or young families can find a refreshing space that’s uniquely theirs. Owning a unit at Sentosa Enclave is easy as a variety of flexible financial schemes are available to enable residents to finally have their own lucky patch of green in the city.
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